education at strelka

Strelka is a non-governmental institute with an experimental approach, offering a multidisciplinary academic programme.

Strelka offers a creative, interdisciplinary space for architects, intellectuals, designers and media professionals to explore subjects that are of special importance to urban life in Russia and around the world: from the preservation of the past and demographic shifts in cities to the future of urbanism and virtual space.

Each year starting from 2010, the Strelka Institute offers a multidisciplinary postgraduate programme in English, which combines intensive studies in Moscow with local and international field trips. The programme is free of charge and accepts 30 students each year from all over the world.

Strelka programme employs tools and approaches from a wide variety of disciplines and mixes seminar, studio and technical workshops in an alternating sequence of modules that closely link conceptualization and prototyping, one folding into the other.

The programme is aimed at young international and Russian specialists from a variety of professional backgrounds with a strong interest in working on urban-related projects who would bring their own unique perspective, vision and expertise to the team.

Each year the programme is curated and redesigned as the Institute introduces a new theme, curriculum and network of faculty experts.Architects and researchers from top universities, architecture and design offices and companies, such as AMO, MIT, Yale University, Princeton University, The Why Factory, the ‘Meganom’ Bureau, Alexander Brodsky, Hyper Island, Archdaily and many others have taught, given lectures and consulted students at Strelka.

Since 2012, Strelka has been listed among DOMUS magazine’s top-100 best European Architecture and Design schools. Strelka has also been rated as one of the best spaces for learning by World Architects online magazine.

After Strelka

Strelka aspires to create a better future that largely depends on the development of human capital. Strelka graduates go on to establish their own design practices, collaborate with city administrations and are employed in various cultural and government departments and agencies, such as the Russian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Transport; they head architectural competitions and work for Russian and international architectural firms (AMO, Herzog De Meuron, Bureau ‘Meganom’, Wowhaus, Alexander Brodsky); they are also contributing to key online and offline media as authors and experts as well as writing publications.

Strelka alumni network is growing in size and influence with each year expanding its reach.


The theme of the current year is The New Normal. The programme explores the challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technologies at the scale of the city, and prototypes the emergence of new interdisciplinary urban design practices.

The New Normal is a 3-year initiative, a “speculative urbanism think-tank” the Institute started in 2016. Visit to learn more about the programme and apply.