Education Programme 2016/17: THE NEW NORMAL

A postgraduate multidisciplinary programme for young international and Russian specialists

  • Duration: 5 months
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition-free (+ monthly scholarship)

The theme for Strelka’s 7th educational year is The New Normal. The research will focus on the new contemporary condition, which has emerged with the rapid development of technology, including machine intelligence and alternative spaces created in VR and AR, and define new paths for urban design and development. Conditions around which we organize this research effort are not just technological, but also philosophical and theoretical.

The programme of 2017 blurs the line between physical and digital and expands the perception of urbanism. We look at the way technology so thoroughly infused the fabric of the city and is not only changing its physical landscape but also the way we view the world around us and the way we view ourselves. We are looking at the opportunities and challenges posed by emerging technologies for interdisciplinary design practices.

In the new academic year Strelka students will attempt to answer the question ‘What has become the New Normal in the modern world?’. Have our technologies advanced beyond our ability to conceptualize their implications? If so, such gaps can be perilous. At what point does the gap between what the words like “identity”, “human“, “architecture,” “citizen”, “modern”, “progressive”, “natural” mean and what is happening become so wide that we should move on to new terms? We need to design a more effective glossary of the present. Can we do it fast enough?

Strelka will become a speculative urbanism think-tank, a platform for the invention and articulation of a new discourse and new models that will help us make sense of the new urban reality.

Education Programme Director Benjamin Bratton on the theme of the year 2016/17: