Egor Kraft

Alumnus 2016/17
Egor Kraft’s work of­ten ex­plores the ris­ing ter­ri­to­ries and pos­si­bil­i­ties of com­mu­ni­ca­tion in our era of new me­dia and its cor­re­la­tion to rhetoric top­ics such as in­for­ma­tion, iden­ti­ties, chaos vs. or­der, time and per­cep­tion. He tends to ex­plore the cor­re­la­tions of these peren­nial ques­tions as op­posed to con­tem­po­rary tech­nolo­gies. As an artis­tic method Egor looks for ways to pro­duce the work which sit on the bound­aries be­tween re­al­ity and its mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion, ex­plor­ing re­al­i­ty’s per­ver­sion and the con­se­quences of this.
2011 – 2017
acad­emy of fine arts vi­enna
Art & Me­dia
2014 – 2015
cen­tral st. mar­tins col­lege lon­don
Fine Art 4D
2009 – 2011
moscow rod­chenko art school
Me­dia Art
Work Experience
2012 – now
meta work creative bureau
Founder & Art Director
2015 – 2015
calvert 22, london
Freelancer, Artistic Director
2013 – 2013
moscow state tretyakov gallery
Freelancer Artistic Director, Lead Designer for special events program
2012 – 2012
jaime beriestain studio / barcelona
Commissioned Artist