06.07 / Lecture

Adriaan Geuze: Nature as part of the urban landscape

Head of West 8 and the receiver of Harvard Design School Award, who took part in the redevelopment of Tverskaya street in Moscow, talks about parks and embankments becoming city symbols

West 8 approaches the production of nature in two different ways. First, they take a classic civil engineering approach based on utility and necessity. Second, they are part of a landscape tradition that confers identity. This method implies a new nature of constructed landscapes that respond to pragmatic demands (water management, urban development, population growth, sustainability) and also reinforce the culture to which they belong (identity, symbols, expression). Adriaan Geuze will showcase how, with his team in West 8, he has been adding elements of nature in contemporary landscape, thus reframing contemporary culture, urban identity, architecture and public space. 

Among projects commissioned by West 8 are the Embankment of Manzanares river in Madrid awarded by Harvard Design School; Jubilee Gradens — one of the favourite spots for picture-taking in London; Governor's Island in New York turned into a park; and Jongsan park in Seoul. Geuze and his bureau received the prestigious American Society of Landscape Architecture Honor Award 2009, Prix-de-Rome award, AIA Institute Honor Award 2012 and the Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 from the BKVB, among other international awards. West 8 took part in creating a plan for the redevelopment of Tverskaya street in Moscow.  

Cover photos: West 8
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