08.07 / Lecture

New interfaces: Technology as a design medium

Computation expert Luis Fraguada talks about the relationship between technology and design

On the one hand, technology is the medium that helps design move forward; on the other, technology requires the design of interfaces. Today, more than ever, we need to evaluate that distinction and begin to view technology as a tool in the design process rather than a design feature. In his lecture, Luis Fraguada will discuss how we can engage not just architecture, but entirely new realms of design through computation. Advocating for a computational approach, he will provide the audience with the new ways of designing though digital mediums.

Fraguada is currently principle computation instructor at the Faculty of Architecture at IaaC in Barcelona. He also holds the position of the Director of the Barcelona office at Built By Associative Data, a company that conducts research, collection and classification of data. Fraguada also creates custom computational tools for clients from fashion, product design and gastronomy.

The lecture is held with the support of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and is part of the programme IAAC Global Summer School Moscow

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