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What are the diseases of modern cities?

For the first time, the quality of the environment in all Russian cities will be analysed with the help of satellite imagery and social networks — learn how at the presentation of the City Index

The urban environment Quality Index will help cities to identify their key points to start urban redevelopment and to monitor the effectiveness of the programs implemented by all municipalities in Russia. The authors of the urban environment Quality Index will tell about unexpected conclusions and the methods of urban space comprehensive study.

We received a huge amount of information about Russian cities, the patterns of their functioning and its logic. Such an excellent research of Russian cities has never been carried out before,’ — noted the partner of Strelka KB Grigory Revzin, who is going to present the Index to the audience.

Today the Index is tested in major cities. The study provides an opportunity to assess the urban environment of all 1112 cities in the future. To date, all cities with a population over 250,000 people have been evaluated. Another 89 cities will be indexed by October, and almost a thousand cities with a population less than 100.000 people will be analyzed by 2018. The research is being implemented within the framework of the Urban Environment Development Program of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) and Strelka KB as part of the national project.

On the presentation day the индекс-городов.рф site will be launched with current research results for the first 90 cities.


— partner of Strelka KB Grigory Revzin,

— director of the Index Development Project Anastasia Shcherbakova,

— director of Digital Products of Strelka KB Maxim Isaev,

— head of the GIS Analytical Center at Strelka KB Maria Bobrinskaya.

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