12.08-13.08 / Workshop

A space for self-expression in graphic design

Learn how to communicate the unique relationship you perceive in these terms that have importance to you with graphic designer David Rudnick

It is often thought that graphic design is a tool for problem-solving or implementing a customer’s ideas. On the one hand, this is true, especially for commercial design, but on the other, it it deprives creativity of its rightful place. There is a difference between art and design, but the style and methodology of a professional designer may often convey individual meanings by themselves and become a way of self-expression. This is true for David Rudnick, who has seen his work as an opportunity to express his own values starting with his very first experiment in college: the music magazine Volume. This is what makes design not just a service, but a way of solving problems creatively, because before you speak about complex ideas in a simple language, you first have to invent it. In his workshop, David Rudnik will explore some of the visual basis for а practice grounded foremost in participants’ own experience, memory, and visual methodology.

On the first day attendees will consider a proper noun for an individual, named object, or named event that has special significance for each of them in particular. They may demonstrate values that inspire them or that they are simply interested in exploring further or communicating this impor­tance to others. The goal of the first day — for each participant to find two of these proper nouns. Then, participants will begin to consider visual and typographic strategies for an image that simply presents these terms. On the second day, they will spend their time executing and constructing their images for а final crit at the end of the day. The final works will then bе prepared in the form of 900х600 pixel PNG files. These will bе displayed as а group оn а pubic website. It will present the viewers with these works, showing the voices of the designers as autonomous individuals and as а collective.

Graphic designers and students of specialized programs with experience in working on their own projects are invited to participate.

David Rudnick is a British-born, American-bred and self-taught graphic designer, whose work encompasses editorial, identity, and typographic design. Working with unusual or unexpected combinations of historical and contemporary references and original typographic compositions, his work creates distinctive visual frameworks for his subjects, and explores the fragmented state of visual culture in an age of global digital exchange. Arguably one of the most influential designers, whose works set trends in visual culture, Rudnick’s portfolio comprises a colossal amount of remarkable posters and vinyl covers that clearly demonstrate his deep interest in music, art, language, and the cultural and countercultural frameworks that sustain them. Among his clients are the record label Turbo, the Making Time club night in Philadelphia, artists and producers like Evian Christ, and New York streetwear brand Wil Fry.

‘A true statement of what I want design to be is it’s about creating this architecture that others can use to express their meaning, and yet it recognises that there’s always a context to expression: it’s not pretending to emancipate people from that’ — David Rudnick.

The workshop will be held in English, a spoken English is mandatory. Applications are accepted until August 11th. The Institute producer will contact each candidate during three days after receiving of applications would be closed. Any questions — kutina@strelkainstitute.com.

For students studying graphic design there is a 20% discount. Write to workshop’s producer Maria (kutina@strelkainstitute.com) with the letter subject ‘Discount for the David Rudnik’s workshop’ to get it.

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