02.09-03.09 / Workshop

Liya Safina, Lead UX designer, Red Antler, New York

Registration will be open soon

Liya Safina is the curator of the Digital August programme, a specialist in digital education, and the head of the UX design department at the New York-based branding agency Red Antler.

Red Antler specializes in creating brands for world-famous large companies, such as Google, Foursquare and Tripadvisor, but also for start-ups: an educational experiment, MissionU; a hotel on wheels, Cabin; a relationship application, Hinge; a home mattress delivery startup, Casper, which Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in.

The workshop will focus on developing a successful brand strategy and user retention tools. Together with workshop participants, Liya will examine the key success factors for new start-ups and small brands and will explore new digital campaigns to win audience loyalty.

Liya is a co-author of the manifesto on digital education, and also participated in the development of the concept and methodology for the online school for urban entrepreneurs Vector.

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