14.09-13.10 / Workshop

Vector Summer School: Start your own business

Find your audience, learn to analyse the market, make a plan, and launch your business with the guidance of experts

A city develops when there is a balance between the plans of local governments, private initiatives, and public demand. Students of the Vector and Impact Hub Summer School will learn how to take the initiative, earn an income from your business, and influence the environment around you as well. During the month of the summer school, participants will attend three workshops from business and nonprofit experts and two unique online courses.

At the offline workshops, students will prepare business plans for their projects, identify a financial model, and learn how to effectively present their ideas to investors, all with the guidance of experts. At the first meeting, students will be divided into small groups according to the selected areas of the projects — each group will have its own curator and the opportunity to receive daily consultations. At the end of the school, there will be project defenses, at which students will present the results of their work, and experts will share their experience and give recommendations.

The first online course of the programme, ‘How to create a new urban startup’ is dedicated to understanding the audience’s needs and running your business. The author of the course is David Ericson — business consultant and co-founder of Hyper Island School. Participants in this course will learn how to find their niche, and create a successful business model and plan to enter the market. Also, students will learn how to analyse the market and their competitors, as well as how to formulate their proposal by studying the examples of successful Russian cases — #Sekta (founder Olga Marquez), ‘Ziferblat’ (founder Ivan Mitin), and the ‘Cardboardia’ project (co-founder Victoria Novikova). The second part of the programme is the online course, ‘Financial literacy for entrepreneurs’, which teaches you to come up with a business model, think outside the box, correctly set prices and forecast revenue, control and reduce your expenses, and seek financing. The course is led by social entrepreneur, design strategist, and founder of the verynice agency, which works with UNICEF, NASA, Google and Disney, Matthew Manos, and founder of CarPrice Eduard Gurinovich.

By completing the course, participants will:

  • Discover new ideas and business opportunities and learn to think without templates and fears
  • Master the principles of business modelling
  • Be able to develop a successful — sometimes unexpected — project from an early concept in a short time
  • Learn to analyse a market and audience’s needs
  • Find out how to calculate a financial project plan
  • Master storytelling and vivid presentation of ideas

The programme is for:

  • Those who have an idea for their own project, but don’t know how to implement it
  • For entrepreneurs who want their business to help solve social problems
  • For urban activists with experience launching social projects and a desire to turn their initiatives into a stable business
  • For staff members of nonprofit organizations who do not want to depend on donations and grants

The number of participants is limited; the selection of participants will be carried out on a competitive basis until September 11th. The programme producer will contact you about paying for tickets аfter applications have closed.

The Vector School at Strelka is a joint programme of the online school of urban entrepreneurs Vector and Impact Hub Moscow. Vector is an online school that offers courses for different needs — from general and research to practical and highly specialized. Impact Hub Moscow is a center for supporting socially significant entrepreneurial projects and a Vector expert partner.

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