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How football is watched in the 21st century

During the public talk, experts will discuss how sport broadcasts shift from TV to online platforms and whether big screens can be ditched in favor of new technologies

Football World Cups enjoy the largest television audience in the world. TV broadcasts of the final leg of the tournament exceed the Olympic Games in terms of coverage – we are talking about billions of viewers. Certainly, the development of new platforms has had its impact on sports as well. For instance, NBA final this year was streamed on the YouTube, while people can easily follow the results, detailed statistics and opinions about the game in social networks and sport websites in real time.

For how long will TV channels fight for broadcasting rights, while the cost of such rights keep setting new records? Can game broadcasts shift online completely, with fans glued to YouTube screens? Together with the experts in football media, we will attempt to identify new platforms where one can follow the world’s most popular ball game and will discuss the new formats what will be unveiled during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Participants of the public talk will be announced at a later date.

Strelka Institute football program is a series of 8 public talks where football is examined as a cultural phenomenon. The program will feature football experts, stadium managers, designers and cyberbloggers, as well football players and commentators, the direct participants of the World Cup. The program should be interesting for football fans and anyone who keeps an eye on trends in clothes manufacturing, is interested in videogames, their development and marketing.

Strelka Football program is powered by Levi’s.

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