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Group Chat: Constructing Conversational Architecture

A four day workshop that gives participants a unique opportunity to experience real world collaborative design at an urban scale

What is the architecture of modern communication? How does the next generation define a new language of public space in the current era of mobile communications?

Taking inspiration from the history of Russian and Soviet broadcasting architecture and technology, for this workshop the students will be asked to investigate how we might reverse the negative stereotype of mobile messaging and transform it into a public and performative gesture. How can architecture and public space play a role in our digital lives and communications?

Participants will be pushed to refine their core architectural skills from model-making, drawing, site analysis, consideration of public and urban space to proto-typing and one-to-one construction, building a temporary structure on a prominent riverside site in central Moscow.

By using modular construction techniques, tubular assembly and lighting design students will realise and program an ambitious temporary public space under under the guidance of members of STORE, a London-based collective of artists and architects.

The workshop is aimed at ambitious students interested in Art, Design, Architecture and Urbanism, especially those wishing to study or currently studying these subjects at university. During the workshop, participants will be able to get a general idea about public space programming, professional teachers consulting, also they will come up with ideas and projects that can be added to the portfolio.


Day One. History And Context Lecture, Group Design and Mapping Exercises

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the design context of lightweight temporary structures, from traditional nomadic Chum tents to collective community construction and radio towers. We will also introduce the material and conceptual processes that will be explored over the next four days.

We will then jump straight into a site mapping and drawing exercise, investigating the waterside location of the pavillion. By the end of day one the students will have made critical decisions about how to address their site before presenting their work to each other and the tutors.

Day Two. Design For Construction

Consolidating the skills and analysis from the first day, we will begin prototyping design approaches for construction through model making and design presentation. The participants will evaluate their work as part of a group crit, before making collective decisions about the fabrication and spatial programming of their final structure.

Day Three. Construction and Fabrication Techniques.

The last two days are all about construction, including safe and detailed education in fabrication, making and using tools. The students will be asked to work together patterning, prototyping and assembling their design.

Day Four

The final day will see the elements of the space being constructed on site before an evening launch event to which they will be encouraged to invite their friends and family to experience the reality of public intervention.

Public Launch (Participation Optional)

On July 8th, the day after final construction Students will be invited to return to the site and spend the day introducing their project to the public as part of the Lambada Market event taking place at Strelka.

Workshop tutors from STORE:

Christopher Burman is an artist from London who works with installation, software and audio. After studying Architecture at The Bartlett, UCL, he learnt to code and began working within the tech-world as a designer and programmer on a series of software projects and ambitious urban scale digital schemes. He recently graduated The New Normal research programme at The Strelka Institute.

Freddy Tuppen is an artist and design Tutor at The Bartlett, UCL London. He studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture and completed a masters degree at the Slade School of Art. Working across a variety of media, his work has been exhibited internationally and he has curated exhibitions and events in London. He tutors art and architecture in London and Warsaw.

STORE is a London-based association of artists, architects and designers. STORE is composed of three core elements: an educational programme of art and architecture courses, wide-ranging public events and exhibitions, and a socially engaged design practice.

Workshop will be held in English.

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