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How to Predict the Future Through Design With V&A Curator

A workshop hosted by Rory Hyde, V&A curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism & co-curator of the current exhibition “The Future Starts Here,” on how to create an exhibition at the intersection of architecture, urban design, and technology that will determine the future

This workshop will explore how design can be used to predict the future. Starting with a quote from philosopher and urbanist Paul Virilio, “The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck,” the workshop will analyse new inventions, products, and designs, to discover the potential contained within them. Good and bad, utopia and dystopia. What kind of world do these objects seek to bring into being? How will they change the way we live, the way we love, the way we make decisions, and how society is organised?

The answers to these questions will be be found by participants of the workshop under the guidance of Rory Hyde, V&A curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism, co-curator of the current exhibition 'Future Starts Here,' and Design Advocate for the Mayor of London. The aim of the workshop is to explore new strategies of exhibition-making for objects of the future.

Participants will gain skills of debate and critical analysis, and the development of a ‘public voice’ for conveying complex ideas to a broad public audience. Rory Hyde will show how to endow museum objects with unexpected meanings, speaking on seemingly absurd topics such as: Should the planet be a design project? If Mars is the answer, what is the question? Who wants to live forever?

Working in teams and individually participants will:

  • Come up with 10 anthropogenic objects for future exposure
  • Research these objects
  • Examine the futures they contain — from utopia to dystopia
  • Conclude with a mini-exhibition, based on the concepts — an art project for a museum space or gallery

Rory Hyde is a designer, curator, and author of articles and books on museum work and speculative design, as well as an adjunct senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne. As the Victoria and Albert Museum curator, he worked on the exhibitions 'All of This Belongs to You' and 'Future Starts Here.' As a designer, Rory collaborated with MVRDV, Volume, Mediamatic, and NAi. He represented Australia at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2012, and before that was one of the organizers of the weekly radio show 'The Architects' on Triple R radio station, which was awarded the AIA Award for promoting architecture in the media.

This workshop is aimed at:

  • Students of museum studies, curatorial practice
  • Professionals from the museum and cultural sector

The workshop will be held in English, so a spoken level of the language is required. Applications are being accepted until November 21. After that, the Institute’s producer will contact you and send a link for payment. If you have any questions, please contact molodyk@strelka.com.


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