Studio Another Place

David Erixon, Program Director of Strelka Institute, Director of Another Place Studio Our studio follows a quite defined process of four distinct phases (from December to June). First phase is a Discovery phase where we do a systematic analysis of our domain. In this phase we try to use as many research disciplines as possible to understand what is already known…

Ebooks and blueberries

  Last week the Office for National Statistics announced it was adding ebooks to the “typical basket of goods” used for calculating inflation – along with white rum and blueberries. The move is representative of the fact that ebooks are today both a significant and growing market in the United Kingdom. The question is why did it take so long? The…

Juha van't Zelfde and Maurits De Bruijn: “A Port is Like a City”

At the beginning of march students of studio (Re)charge Information had a 2-day workshop with Dutch data specialists Juha van't Zelfde (cofounder of the VURB foundation) and Maurits De Bruijn. Students were building connections between databases and twitter messages to visualize the spatial opportunities of big data and civic media. Juha and Maurits also presented…

In Their Opinion

The Work of Opinion in the Age of Digital Reproduction Six weeks ago the architect, critic (and Strelka author) Sam Jacob inaugurated an “opinion” column for design website Dezeen. With Jacob’s first three articles now published, what can be gleaned about the work of opinion in the age of digital reproduction?After six years of avoiding doing what the…

Study at Strelka this Fall

Strelka Institute opens admissions for the new year: multidisciplinary programme, tailor-made educational course on contemporary urbanism and city development, individual research projects, involving best international experts and students, — all that and a lot more awaits in the upcoming year. If you have a degree, have worked in architecture, design,…

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