Farshid Moussavi interview

Farshid Moussavi is the Founder of Farshid Moussavi Architecture. Recently she visited Moscow to participate in the conference «Architects playing: new ideas, shapes and materials» curated by Strelka Institute as a part of «KNAUF Days» Forum. In 2010-2011 Farshid was Director of «Design» Studio at Strelka Educational Program, and in June 2011 she delivered…

A digital road trip

Inspired by Edge City, the architectural photographer Ludwig Abache has recreated Justin McGuirk’s journey around São Paulo through a series of Google Streetview images.Abache wrote to us, saying: “I became absorbed by the writing and found it so detailed that I believed to be able to mirror [his] drive using Streetview.”The result is uncannily accurate,…

top 100 schools by Domus

We are very pleased to announce that Strelka has been listed as one of Europe’s top 100 schools selected by Domus. The well-known design magazine published the list of the top 100 design school in Europe in a publication, available both in printed and iPad version, that provides a complete review of programs all around Europe.   Free iPad version.

Anna Trapkova, alumni

Alumna Anna Trapkova shares her impressions on Strelka's educational process and talks about a plan to create innovative cultural centers, as well as her work at the Ministry of Culture. — How did you hear about Strelka and why did you choose to matriculate? — It was the institute's inaugural year, and because I knew some of the people who had launched…

Matiss Groskaufmanis, alumni

EDUCATION   For me it was an incredible effort with low returns to get into, at that time, the only architecture school in Riga. Not due to the lack of previous interest in the field, but because the ultimate criteria for admission was students’ drawing skills. With such priority I didn’t feel like it was worth the effort and drawing was…