New and improved ebook editions

We've been busy improving the reading experience of all our ebooks, and we're pleased to say that they’re now clearer and, frankly, much nicer. The content is all exactly the same, but hopefully the reader’s experience is much improved.

As epub technology keeps evolving, publishers have to keep pace. One of the longstanding challenges of designing for ebooks is that the text repositions itself every time the reader adjusts the font size – so nothing is ever fixed. That can lead to some frankly ugly line breaks and weird spacing around images. Similarly the opening of the books was never a very pleasant, bookish experience.

The first thing we did was to create a more formal but leisurely opening sequence – moving from cover page to title page, to logotype and then finally to the first page. All the copyright stuff has been shoved to the back of the book.

We’ve also taken advantage of a new epub feature – the pop-up footnote. Previously, tapping the footnote would take you to endnotes at the back of the book, where you’d have to tap again to go back to your page. Now the footnote just pops up in a dialogue box on the same page – so much easier.

And finally, the other new feature we’re using is expandable images. All you have to do is double tap an image and it will fill the screen for closer viewing. Tap again and it will minimise.