​Alessandra Orofino: Cities are a prime spot for engaging citizens

​Alessandra Orofino is a social activist from Brazil, a co-founder of extremely successful local project Meu Rio. Meu Rio is a network of socially engaged citizens of Rio de Janeiro that emerged in 2011.

​Excerpt from “Belyayevo Forever” by Kuba Snopek

“Belyayevo Forever: a strategy for preserving a generic Soviet mass-housing estate, based on its intangible value” is a book by Polish architect and researcher Kuba Snopek. The book grew from a research made in 2010 — 2011 at Strelka Institute and is dedicated to Soviet apartment blocks in the Moscow suburb of Belyayevo. This November the research…

​What do 16 000 photos say about Moscow

The most ‘masculine’ statue, places ‘most photographed after sunset’ and other results from an urban anthropology study of 16 000 images uploaded to Vkontakte.

​Anna Kulachek: “Graphic design is a very strong weapon: you can either be helping the dark side or the good side”

At the beginning of November the art director of Strelka Institute Anna Kulachek — who has been responsible for all of Strelka visual identity designs for the last 2 years — was interviewed by a well-known French graphic design publication Etapes. Find out how Anna ended up working in Russia, who she has collaborated with so far and her opinion on traditions…

"Our city could have a more friendly interface"

​School teacher, designer, Big Data analyst and other new Strelka students on why we should study the digital