​Cybersecurity: A Car Breaks and the Internet Goes Down

Where to look for hundreds of kilometres of cables underground and how to protect Moscow from cyberattacks.

Intern of the Month: In the American Architectural Industry, Hierarchy Matters

Alina Plyusnina, а Rice University student, told Strelka Magazine how it felt to be the only woman at an architectural practice and how much experience a graduate has to gain to be called an architect.

A selfie by the factory: What do a million photographs from monotowns say?

Researchers collected 1.1 million photographs from social networks to figure out how to improve Russian monotowns.

International Experience: The Housing Dilemma — From Vienna to Singapore

How do different countries tackle the issue of providing affordable quality housing, and is their experience applicable to Russia?

The New Normal and How We’re All Creating It

The latest generation of Strelkavites talk about how yesterday’s future is silently becoming today’s reality.

The soviet church and the flying saucer — a guide to Samara modernism

The architectural reviewer Armen Arutyunov on ten significant modernist buildings in Kuybyshev from the 1950s-1980s, their significance and problems of preservation.

The Greater Ring of the Moscow Railway: The secret life of a forgotten suburban line

Strelka Magazine travelled to suburban Moscow to find out how the Greater Ring of the Moscow Railway operates.

The Most Notorious Barracks

Mikhail Krug, «Paris» and communal hell of pre-revolutionary architectural monument in Tver.