Intern of the month: “Many people work for free in Rome”

Alexandra Budaeva, an architect at Meganom, undertook two internships in Rome. She talked about why Italians, unlike Russians, are willing to miss every deadline, but still thoroughly design a good-quality project.

The epic struggle of the Internet of Things

The first thing to understand about the “Internet of Things” is that it’s not about Things on the Internet.

Casey Reas on coding: You need to be able to read and write

Let’s think of programming languages as materials in the same way that we think of physical materials that we can form into something to be experienced

95 years of the Shukhov Tower

A timeline of the iconic avant-garde landmark.

Memes, design and politics

On how graphic design can serve a social cause.

Total control: How architectural supervision can save your project

Strelka Magazine publishes a column by Darya Paramonova, director of Strelka Architects, in which she explains why a project can never be realised well without the architect’s field supervision. BACKGROUND INFO Strelka Architects was founded in 2015 and specialises in designing civic infrastructure, including the recent renovation works on the Garden…

5 Architecture Books of 2017 From MIT Press

Las Vegas as the American Dream, the New Brutalism, the greatest non-building architect, and much more

The Charm of Illegal Art: the History of Russian Graffiti

The timeline of the history of Russian graffiti from New-York heritage to patriotic discourses

Geometry of Now: How an experimental sound art festival allowed Moscow to re-discover an iconic industrial building

Mark Fell, the curator of the festival, art critic Irina Kulik, experimental electronic musician Sergey Kasich and commissioner of Ural Industrial Biennial Alisa Prudnikova shared their impressions about the festival.

Eyal Weizman: Forensic Architecture

How to investigate human rights abuses, military conflicts and destruction through the unique lens of architecture.

The First National Architectural Competition is announced started in Russia

On the 7th of March, the First National Architectural Competition aimed at the improvement of social spaces in 15 Russian cities

Sloboda 1.0: what life was like in the Tatar slobodas one and a half centuries ago

Are you allowed to eat soap, wear skinny pants, and get on adults’ nerves?
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