Excerpt from “The Action is the Form. Victor Hugo’s TED Talk” by Keller Easterling

How to develop the right kind of knowledge.

What kind of mutant are you?

Genomics, a science that deals with DNA mutations, provides an answer.

Tatarstan Through an Engineer’s Eyes: 6 Ideas for New Tourists Routes

A copper mine in Sarmanovo, the Shukhov tower in Kukmor, and other reasons to explore the Republic.

What are You Sitting On: (Non)mass Furniture in the USSR

Soviet design scholar explains why constructivist furniture never became popular.

How to redesign the infrastructure? FAQ by Keller Easterling

Professor of Yale explains operating system of modern world in five points.

Factories versus Rhinoceros: Who’s the Boss in Africa?

What happens when you combine wild nature and an urban landscape in one shot?

Fortune-telling by photo: How computers are predicting the urban future

Machines have learned to see better than ever. What might this mean for urbanism?

"OMA’s method is systematically not having a system"

Tomas Koolhaas — on the film Rem, a portrait of his father and a great architect.

​Сan we imagine cross-border cities?

How urbanist and architect Teddy Cruz and political theorist Fonna Forman promote a ‘citizenship culture’ that is based less on the imposition of the nation or state, but rather organised around our shared values and common interests in a border region

The Architecture of Routine: Where We Drink

How bars first came to be and what an architect can tell you about them.

Excerpt from “The Citizen. What Do We Know About Inhabitants of Big Cities”

How to study urban tribes.

I came, I paid, I repaired: How volunteers are restoring France’s cultural heritage

The way to save history for free.
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