Five young architects changing the face of Moscow

Strelka Magazine talks to the architects who brought gardens back to the Garden Ring, turned an abandoned construction trench into an amphitheater, and made the Kremlin embankment pedestrian-friendly.

​Breaking the cycle of poverty: Johannesburg as gateway to food security in Africa

Tackling the issues of food security and inequality in Johannesburg, which is often seen as the ‘New York of Africa,’ could help create solutions that can be applied across the continent.

Sustainable design that employs refugee women near the Syrian border

A stretchy chair rug cover that can make a difference

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A rare case of meticulous restoration of an avant-garde monument.

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Mosul is facing a dire housing crisis as hundreds of thousands are expected to return to the war-ravaged city which was liberated in July.

‘A complete remake of what we consider normal’: Blade Runner designer on the future of design

The guru of sci-fi design Syd Mead on his method, ethic, and the inspiration for the creation of the Blade Runner world.

Making design responsible for solving global problems

A declaration signed at the World Design Forum defines design as “an agent for sustainable solutions” that facilitates change.

​The Russian housing dream vs reality

What kind of property Russians are dreaming of and what they end up buying, plus how the dead influence the housing market.