​Finding solutions for Mosul: 3D printers, homes built from rubble & farming bridges

Mosul is facing a dire housing crisis as hundreds of thousands are expected to return to the war-ravaged city which was liberated in July.

‘A complete remake of what we consider normal’: Blade Runner designer on the future of design

The guru of sci-fi design Syd Mead on his method, ethic, and the inspiration for the creation of the Blade Runner world.

​The Russian housing dream vs reality

What kind of property Russians are dreaming of and what they end up buying, plus how the dead influence the housing market.

How To Apply To Strelka

To help new applicants, Strelka Magazine collected feedback from Strelka alumni to guide your journey from the point of application to graduation. Read their advice on portfolio, interview, and how alumni applied their knowledge and experience gained at Strelka.

Russia launches international competition for new standard housing projects

Architects and architectural firms from all over the world will design projects for new residential areas for Russian cities.

Revolution and the Social Condenser: How Soviet architects sought a radical new society

What happened to the most powerful architectural concept produced in response to the Russian Revolution and how Rem Koolhaas appropriated it from the Soviet Union.

Zaryadye Park’s ‘wild urbanism’ stirs Moscow’s historic heart

Despite criticism that it is still unfinished, the state-of-the-art Zaryadye Park, which opened a week ago, has become the highlight of the Russian capital.

​Strelka Week in St. Petersburg: How to improve public spaces & tap into the city’s creative potential

An extension of Strelka’s public summer program comes to Russia’s Northern Capital starting September 30.

Sotheby’s: Online sales & technology transforming the auction house concept

A senior vice president at Sotheby's on the changing market for contemporary art.

Preventing the ‘over-success’ of the High Line

Is the High Line park spurring too much development, pricing out the locals, and increasing density? The co-founder of Friends of the High Line explains how the famous park makes sure it remains a public space for all New Yorkers.

The History of Moscow in GIFs

Here’s to 870 years of the Russian capital.

​David Rudnick: The ultra-reality of graphic design

The graphic designer behind Nicolas Jaar’s album art shares his views on the future of his profession and explains why it is time to shift responsibility to the audience, not the clients.
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