The Digital August 2017 Program: A detailed look

What you can learn from a product designer at Google, an expert from Twitter’s Trust and Safety department, a UX designer at Red Antler, and the developer of the popular game Dots.

Raising the bar: Top architecture firms to renovate Moscow’s major public spaces

Big-name firms, such as Snøhetta, West 8, and OKRA, have come to Moscow to give a new look to some of the city’s most busy and complicated squares and intersections.

The New Normal: Future urbanism as visualized by Strelka graduates

Digital afterlife, Arctic currency, society ruled by AI: Seven projects presented at the New Normal showcase.

​Measuring the quality of the urban environment: New index helps detect cities’ weak spots

A new tool designed by Strelka KB makes it possible to diagnose a city’s problems.

Another side of the international style: A guide to Georgian modernism

Architectural observer Armen Harutyunov on eight modernist buildings in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi from the 1950s to the 1980s, the history of their creation, and their current state.

Posthumanism in Architecture

A conversation between Rem Koolhaas and Benjamin Bratton

Excerpt from “The Action is the Form. Victor Hugo’s TED Talk” by Keller Easterling

How to develop the right kind of knowledge.

What kind of mutant are you?

Genomics, a science that deals with DNA mutations, provides an answer.

Tatarstan Through an Engineer’s Eyes: 6 Ideas for New Tourists Routes

A copper mine in Sarmanovo, the Shukhov tower in Kukmor, and other reasons to explore the Republic.

What are You Sitting On: (Non)mass Furniture in the USSR

Soviet design scholar explains why constructivist furniture never became popular.

How To Redesign the Infrastructure? FAQ by Keller Easterling

Professor of Yale explains operating system of modern world in five points.

Factories versus Rhinoceros: Who’s the Boss in Africa?

What happens when you combine wild nature and an urban landscape in one shot?
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