​Silence as architectural heritage: Preserving a city’s quiet spaces

A hybrid public art project by Russian sound artist Sergey Kasich addresses the issue of noise pollution and seeks to preserve Moscow’s pockets of silence.

​Augmented Standard: A new approach to rethinking housing production

How to stop reinventing the wheel and use platforms to create better housing.

How to transform a college into a community hub

A project by Strelka alumni has won the Europan NL competition for the redevelopment of the Media College in Amsterdam.

The New Normal: Future urbanism as visualized by Strelka graduates

Digital afterlife, Arctic currency, society ruled by AI: Seven projects presented at the New Normal showcase.

Posthumanism in Architecture

A conversation between Rem Koolhaas and Benjamin Bratton

​Intern of the Month: “That Was Extremely Difficult, and I Am Proud I Made It Through”

Valeria Pestereva, Strelka Institute Graduate, Class of 2016, told us about her experience working at one of the largest and most demanding Chinese studios, learning Chinese and taking “a journey of a thousand li”.

Know Your Butcher: Street Kiosk Demolition And Its Consequences for The City

The implications of the mass demolition of shopping kiosks on Moscow streets, through the eyes of the urban researcher.

​Izabela Cichońska: We bought a giraffe and a crocodile skull

Strelka graduate’s story of becoming a Dragon castle architect

Das Stadt Lexikon / Urban Lexicon

Goethe-Institute in Moscow held a competition among artists and architects to create objects of art, design, and architecture. "Strelka Institute" Alumni of 2014 Alina Bibisheva, Liv Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina were the winners of this contest with their installation "Das Stadt Lexikon"(Urban Lexicon), a unanimous decision by an expert jury consisting of Astrid…

​Strelka Institute Research Archive: how does it work?

"Research›" is a new rubric that has been recently added to the strelka.com website. All the final projects completed by our students throughout these four years are now in open access. Some of them can be downloaded as PDF files. Video-recordings of the presentations and materials published on ISSUU are also available.

«Greater Moscow» in MONU magazine

An essay of Strelka graduate Anton Ivanov has been published in the latest issue of the urbanism magazine MONU. The author discusses the neighbourly relations of the centre with its periphery, the new urbanism of Moscow, and the difficulties involved in developing larger territories. My essay is dedicated to Moscow and its immediate surroundings – the densely…

Sochi On Foot

Can a stress-measuring device improve our understanding of the urban environment? Can the architecture of small forms activate urban spaces? Strelka graduates speak about their participation in the “Sochi Peshkom” (English: ´Sochi on foot´) project and new approaches to urban research. Taya Osipova, project manager The summer school was the main event…
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