95 years of the Shukhov Tower

A timeline of the iconic avant-garde landmark.

Narkomfin building restoration project

Architect Alexey Ginzburg and Rights League director Garegin Barsumyan discuss examining the Narkomfin Building and working on its restoration project.

Pocket avant-garde: creating a map of constructivist Moscow

Strelka Magazine looked into the design and selection process of the Constructivist Moscow Map and learned which buildings, regrettably for the map's creators, did not make it.

Restoration of the white tower of Yekaterinburg

On August 20, the White Tower, one of Yekaterinburg’s signature constructivist-era buildings, opened its doors to the public. Podelniki architecture group director Polina Ivanova told Strelka Magazine the story of how the group got its hands on the tower and launched Yekaterinburg’s latest cultural venue. The White Tower is located in Uralmash, Yekaterinburg’s…

Overshadowed by palaces: A guide to Leningrad Constructivism

Researchers talk about Saint-Petersburg’s signature avant-garde buildings and what to look out for to grasp the particular meaning of the Leningrad style.

​Narkomfin Forever: House from the Past That Predicted the Future

Historians, curators and educators discuss which of Moisei Ginzburg’s ideas were way ahead of their time, what makes the Narkomfin Building unique and how the upcoming bidding could affect its future.

​Moscow’s 12 Deteriorating Constructivism Era Buildings

Alexandra Selivanova, administrator at the Worker Enlightenment Library avant-garde centre, talks about 12 constructivism era buildings in Moscow, which can be demolished in the near future.

Soviet utopia: Constructivist legacy of Yekaterinburg

A guide to signature architectural landmarks of the Urals constructivism capital.

Soviet Utopia: Constructivist Period in Yekaterinburg (Part Two)

This article is the second part of a guide to major constructivism era landmarks of Yekaterinburg. The first part is available here. Born early in the Soviet era and fully subordinate to Soviet ideology, the constructivism movement was meant to form the foundations of the brave new world. The introduction of the Five-Year Plans coincided with the time…