From shacks to castles: the development of Russian Playgrounds

The history of the appearance, content and public perception of playgrounds in the Czarist and Soviet eras.

The admission of students to «The New Normal» is now closed

Strelka chose 30 students to participate in the new program.

Post-truth: The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed

Algorithms, discourses and “patternocracy” – everything you were never told about “post-truth”.

Guy Standing: About societies where every man, woman and child have an unconditional basic income

Strelka Magazine met the economist and learned why the precariat is happy when billionaires get nightmares and why humanity needs an unconditional basic income.

The Urban and Advanced: 12 Faces of the Master’s Programme

Strelka Magazine found out what brought them all together, their expectations of studying in Russia and the goals they set for themselves and their native cities.

Rob Kitchin: "Technology just appears and people can either accept it or protest against it"

On the alternatives to smart cities, test-bed urbanism, and the possibility of replacing conventional statistics with big data

Intern of the Month: “In Japan, It’s All in the Details”

Anton Kotlyarov told Strelka Magazine about his internship in one of Japan’s most famous practices, Kengo Kuma & Associates, why it is okay to sleep at work and how a manager gains the respect of their employees in Asia.

Marina Khrustaleva: “Each of us deserves this handful of old buildings”

Marina Khrustaleva, historian of architecture and coordinator of the Arkhnadzor preservation movement told Strelka Magazine why we need to preserve our historical heritage.

Intern of the month: I was still a student when my first building was already under construction

Alisa Silantyeva told Strelka Magazine why architectural inspiration should be sought in food rather than in buildings, what it felt like working at the South Korean avant-garde practice Moon Hoon and how one can work for three months without understanding the language of the workplace.

After Belonging: Where we are and How did we end up there

Strelka talked with Oslo Architecture Triennale curators Ignacio González Galán and Marina Otero Verzier.

Narkomfin building restoration project

Architect Alexey Ginzburg and Rights League director Garegin Barsumyan discuss examining the Narkomfin Building and working on its restoration project.

The new normal: how to untangle it

9 points on Strelka’s educational programme 2017
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