​Meet the international architects who seek to transform Russian housing

Home to of one the most ambitious residential projects in history, Russia is now seeking to create a new type of modern and sustainable housing. Strelka Magazine spoke to international architects whose designs may change living conditions across the country.

​Zaryadye Park wins ArchDaily’s 'Building of the Year' Award

Zaryadye Park has been crowned the winner of ArchDaily's 'Building of the Year' award in the category of 'Public Architecture.'

​The future of Russian housing: 20 design finalists announced

An international jury has shortlisted 20 best designs in the competition for new standardized housing in Russia.

5 architects who brought gardens back to Moscow’s Garden Ring

Redesigning the city’s key artery

The young architects changing the face of Moscow (Part 2)

Meet the people behind the large-scale renovation of the Russian capital's streets.

Five young architects changing the face of Moscow

Strelka Magazine talks to the architects who brought gardens back to the Garden Ring, turned an abandoned construction trench into an amphitheater, and made the Kremlin embankment pedestrian-friendly.

Russia launches international competition for new standard housing projects

Architects and architectural firms from all over the world will design projects for new residential areas for Russian cities.

On wheels: How to turn a minivan into an urban data scanner

An edgy way to survey a city.

Raising the bar: Top architecture firms to renovate Moscow’s major public spaces

Big-name firms, such as Snøhetta, West 8, and OKRA, have come to Moscow to give a new look to some of the city’s most busy and complicated squares and intersections.

​Measuring the quality of the urban environment: New index helps detect cities’ weak spots

A new tool designed by Strelka KB makes it possible to diagnose a city’s problems.

An example to follow: the top 5 waterfront public spaces

How to give a river back to the people through architecture and urban regeneration

Total control: How architectural supervision can save your project

Strelka Magazine publishes a column by Darya Paramonova, director of Strelka Architects, in which she explains why a project can never be realised well without the architect’s field supervision. BACKGROUND INFO Strelka Architects was founded in 2015 and specialises in designing civic infrastructure, including the recent renovation works on the Garden…
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