The First National Architectural Competition is announced started in Russia

On the 7th of March, the First National Architectural Competition aimed at the improvement of social spaces in 15 Russian cities

A selfie by the factory: what do a million photographs from monotowns say?

Researchers collected 1.1 million photographs from social networks to figure out how to improve Russian monotowns.

International Experience: The Housing Dilemma — From Vienna to Singapore

How do different countries tackle the issue of providing affordable quality housing, and is their experience applicable to Russia?

Daniel Miller: «Most of our discoveries were represented in the form of cat memes»

The British anthropologist on why it’s good when your hypotheses fail and how to popularise knowledge the modern way.

​How It Works: The New Standard of Street Design in Moscow

An interview with the project manager for the development of the Moscow Street Design Standard

​Francesco Bandarin: Don’t think we are old-fashioned

Assistant Director-General of UNESCO for Culture comments on building a Monument to Vladimir the Great and on cities forsaking their historical identity for tourists’ sake.

​Phil Wren: "If we start treating retail more seriously the shopping malls would change as well"

A British department store guru’s view on Moscow retail — in the city centre, on the periphery and in-between.

​What do 16 000 photos say about Moscow

The most ‘masculine’ statue, places ‘most photographed after sunset’ and other results from an urban anthropology study of 16 000 images uploaded to Vkontakte.

​The Dream of Baikalsk: New Life for a one-industry town

The director of Centre for Urban Anthropology at KB Strelka, Mikhail Alekseevsky, who worked on this project, explained to us why Baikalsk should be transformed into a tourist mecca and whether the ex-employees of the shut down mill are ready to start working in museums and parks.

​Red Square Tolerance Pavilion

This January the winners of the ‘Red Square Tolerance Pavilion’ competition that was organised by international organisation HMMD were announced. The first prize was given to a team of architects from Italy. Their bold and daring project proposed to build the pavilion right against the Kremlin wall. Strelka Magazine caught up with Kiana Jalali, Marco Merigo,…

Farshid Moussavi interview

Farshid Moussavi is the Founder of Farshid Moussavi Architecture. Recently she visited Moscow to participate in the conference «Architects playing: new ideas, shapes and materials» curated by Strelka Institute as a part of «KNAUF Days» Forum. In 2010-2011 Farshid was Director of «Design» Studio at Strelka Educational Program, and in June 2011 she delivered…


In the last year alone, several major projects in Moscow have attracted illustrious international architects and urban designers. One only needs to recall the Moscow Agglomeration Competition, which saw the participation of Ricardo Bofill, Antoine Grumbach, Bernardo Secchi, Paola Vigano, representatives of Urban Design Associates (USA), the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Netherlands) and many others. Six consortia of Russian and…
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