Programme 2013/14

Urban routines

What defines the daily life of a city? How does the past influence our present reality and what will the future entail? By researching the fabric of the ordinary, is it possible to arrive at ambitious outcomes and create on their basis innovative projects? Learn more
Programme 2012/13

Agents of change

Agents of Change are people, who transform the world around them through the force of their ideas and actions, events that set in motion irreversible change, factors that transform public perceptions and ways to turn concepts into practical solutions. Learn more
Programme 2011/12


Moscow and part of the region that surrounds it was merged to create the first megacity in Europe. The purpose of the research is to analyze these processes and understand how life has changed the city and the country, and how it will change in the future. Learn more
Programme 2010/11

Year one

The programme relied on a ‘holistic’ approach to architecture, media and design, cross-disciplinarity and creative research to offer new solutions to urban challenges. Learn more