Archipelago Agency: A Proposal for the Domestic Exterior

Today, roughly 50% of Moscow is 'public,' open space. Much of this land surrounds the thousands of residential buildings where Moscow's citizens live—it is the "Domestic Exterior." The Domestic Exterior is a variable environment of parking, paths, infrastructure, parks, playgrounds, and asphalt afterthoughts. Given the political and economic transformations of the last century, whose effects continue to the present day, this space is fragmented legally, physically, and mentally, in the minds of both its residents as well as the officials responsible for it. The project proposes a business model, the creation of an Archipelago Agency which would develop holistic solutions for this ambiguous territory. Part general contractor, part culturologist, and located between individuals, commercial interests, and government officials, the Archipelago Agency imagines the Domestic Exterior not as a fractured landscape of isolated sites, but rather as a network of integrated events in the contemporary city. Download PDF
Cover image: Peter Alfred Hess /