Eat. Work. Love.

Speaking about offices is impossible not to talk about work. But the work is done by people, and therefore office can not exist without people. But what is the office as a lifestyle . Today understanding of the words labour and work seems to be changed . It seems that changed the meaning of these words. One of the global trends moving towards a new meaning in the work, because the work has already became the meaning of human life. How to enjoy your job anyway could be the new set of mind. It becomes unimportant what you do and where you work. It is only important if you had work, whether you are a professional and if you get pleasure from his work. New technologies and new values create ​​and a new office - the office as life and life as an office. The aim of my research is in creation of instruction how you can identify problems in your office and solve them with food, approach to work and love-based relationships with your employees. Download PDF
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