Friday 05.06.15 – 07.06.15, 11:00
Welcome to Ecumenopolis: Workshop on Video Research (Workshops)

The workshop that was travelling around the world for a year is coming to Moscow. A three-day intensive course on new urbanism includes an overnight stay on the sightseeing deck of the Empire business high-rise in Moscow International business center Moscow City and an expedition into the hidden corridors of IKEA.  Facebook Event



05.06.15 – 07.06.15








English (with translation to Russian)

Today it is not that important where you are from, globalization reaches even the uttermost parts of the Earth. The team of METASITU calls this global city Ecumenopolis. The three-day workshop on the challenges and opportunities of Ecumenopolis will be held in the form of an expedition into multifunctional centers Moscow International business center Moscow City and IKEA, which reflect the concept of global city. Under the guidance of facilitators, participants will collect information for their final video project, learn unusual ways to explore environment and create their own short documentaries in three days. In order to explore these places from an unusual angle, participants will spend one night in sleeping bags on the sightseeing deck of the Empire business high-rise and explore the hidden corridors of IKEA and Afimall City.