Tuesday 16.06.15, 20:00
Miguel Chevalier. The power of pixels (Lectures)

Pioneer of virtual and digital art lectures on the process of creation, value and perception of interactive art projects  Facebook Event

Miguel Chevalier began to work with digital art even before it became an independent art style - in 1978. In his projects he creates virtual cities, reproduces natural phenomena and patterns and redefines the ideas of traditional art. Another defining feature of his projects is interactivity - his audience is physically involved in the creative process and becomes its main component.

The pioneer of virtual and digital art will answer the major questions of the discipline: what are the benefits of contemporary digital art? How computer graphics, holograms and 3D-printers develop ideas of the artists of the XIX and XX centuries? How to turn the audience into a key part of an art project? The artist will talk about the process of creation, value and perception of images that are constantly changing under the influence of the audience and explain why the digital environment can most accurately describe the evolution of modern society.