Tuesday 30.06.15, 20:00
Vicente Guallart. From urbanism to urban habitat (Lectures)

Chief architect of Barcelona City Council will tell how transition to knowledge-driven economy and services influences modern city 

Architecture of the XIX century turned farmlands into city. The purpose of city design in the XXI century is to integrate information technologies into this live environment. Vincent Guayart, chief architect of Barcelona City Council and head of Urban Habitat department, presented the model of city development based on these principles. Guayart was the first to research and consider interrelation between architecture, nature and technologies in the process of creating new models of city development in information society.

How does a city change in the era of Internet? How does the transition from industrial economy to knowledge-driven economy and services influence modern city? What changes are going to happen when workers and consumers turn into businessmen and producers? What role does self-sufficiency and coherence play in the city development? Will they become more important in the future? How is it possible to include information flows in the municipal government system? Vicente Guayart will answer all these questions.

The lecture will be held in English with translation to Russian.

The event is a part of «VSHU in Strelka» series, supported by Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning, Embassy of the United States of America in the Russian Federation and the Habidatum company.