Wednesday 08.07.15, 20:00
Marc Lee: Virtual trip through social networks (Lectures)

Lecture on the virtual reality of social networking and one-day installation of Marc Lee at Strelka Institute 

Marco Derksen /








English (with translation)

The advantages of virtual reality over the material world are countless: we can travel, visit museums and concerts, meet people and join communities just by looking at a computer screen. Swiss artist Marc Lee will discuss the influence of virtual reality on the modern city and its inhabitants in his lecture at Strelka Institute. Lee explores virtual reality through social networks. He uses user-generated content in the majority of his projects. The “Pic-me” installation, which will be installed at Strelka Institute for one day only, invites the viewer in a virtual trip to the countries and cities from where users send randomly selected posts to Instagram. Their photos, comments and geolocalization describe their lives more accurate than personal diaries, and the audience has a unique opportunity to dip into it.

The lecture will be held in English with synchronized translation to Russian.