Sunday 06.12.15, 14:00
Tales at Strelka. Little Longnose (Tales)

Famous movie and theatre actors will read their favorite fairy tales for adults and children.  

Winter at Strelka is not just about lectures, workshops and screenings – it’s also intelligent entertainment for adults and children alike. Theatre and movie actors will read their favorite fairy tales in the cosy atmosphere of Strelka. The event is held not only for children over the age of five, but also for adults, which will have the chance to see their favourite actors outside of theatres.

The readings will be held by:

– Actress Maria Shalaeva (‘Mermaid’, ‘Nirvana’) will read ‘Little Longnose’ by Willhelm Hauff

– Theatre (“Practice”, The Meyerhold Centre, Drama and Direction Centre) and movie actress (‘Legends of May’, ‘Delhi Dance’, ‘A Short Course of a Happy Life’) Arina Marakulina will read national Italian tales

– Theatre (‘Praktika’, The Meyerhold Centre) and movie (‘Oxigen’) actress Inna Marakulina will read the story ‘The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World’ by Gabriel García Márquez.