Sunday 05.06.16, 20:00
Uber CEO: The future of cars in the city (Lectures)

CEO and founder of Uber Travis Kalanick shares his idea of how we can transport more people in fewer cars  Facebook Event

What's the future of transportation in our cities? More and more people stop using private cars due to heavy traffic on the roads and poor infrastructure, and switch to new handy services like car sharing. Will car sharing and upgraded public transport make private automobiles unnecessary? And what will cars look like in future? Will hybrid and electric cars replace the ones running on petrol and diesel?

Travis Kalanick created Uber in 2009 as a local taxi service in San Francisco. But he has been working on the idea of a peer-2-peer service that would link the product to the client, the seller to the buyer for a while before that. While being a student at UCLA, Kalanick created Scour, and shortly after that Red Swoosh — projects both based on file sharing. In the end of 2008, at a tech conference in Paris, Kalanick came up with a new idea. The future billionaire thought it would be handy to just push a button on your smartphone and be able to get a car in minutes. It took him just a year to create and launch Uber after that. 

Today Uber works in 400 cities and transports several million people a day, without owning a single car and solely functioning on p2p basis. The success of Uber has inspired a massive change in the industry that got the name of 'uberization'. Lots of other companies switched to p2p business model, and numerous similar services appeared for home cleaning, food delivery, tutor search and requesting a doctor. 

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