Tuesday 05.07.16, 20:00
Ahmad Tea Design Talks. Mirko Borsche (Lectures)

Bureau Mirko Borsche founder will share his tips and tricks on selling innovative design to clients  

Getting a client’s approval on a project is one of the biggest challenges for contemporary designers. Bold and innovative design ideas are often hard to sell, but the projects made by Bureau Mirko Borsche prove that it can be done without significant compromises.

In his lecture, Mirko Borsche will talk about his creative process, basic rules and specific tricks that allow Bureau Mirko Borsche to implement their ideas in both commercial and independent projects. Mirko will also show some of his projects that were rejected by clients.

Renowned for its versatility, Bureau Mirko Borsche’s signature design is a content-driven approach based on the idea of design as a source for learning, understanding and joy. Its creative output comprises design and communication consultancy and commissioned work of all genres for clients from the fields of culture and business (AUDI, BMW Group, Moleskine, Nike, Uniqlo and others) as well as original works within the scope of art, subculture and design that have been shown in single and group exhibitions in several countries.