Sunday 16.04.17, 19:00
What do streets tell: How should we study the city (Strelka Institute Week)

Architect Theo Deutinger will speak about creative ways of studying the city with the help of unusual 'evidence' 






Strelka Institute Week





In cities where the biggest part of the territory is already developed and construction paces are relatively low, citizens rethink existing spaces — they open new cultural centers in former factories and meet friends in shopping malls.

Architect and theorist of sociocultural urbanism Theo Deutinger explores how citizens use the city through indiscernible evidences which can be found in any street: stubs or gum stains. In the lecture he will explain how urbanists and entrepreneurs can use new data about habitants to create successful urban projects and develop public spaces.

Theo Deutinger — architect, urban planner, cartographer and founder of TD Architects bureau. Deutinger has written for WIRED, Geo and Mark and given lectures in Bauhaus, Harvard School of Design and Strelka Institute.

The lecture will be held in English in 'Pioneer' center within Strelka Institute's week in Saratov in partnership with the Austrian cultural forum.