Monday 17.04.17, 18:00
Embracing the river: West8 bureau on its waterfront experience (Strelka Institute Week)

The director and co-founder of West8 bureau on the city's landscape and the river as as a main guideline 






Strelka Institute Week





Architectural office West8 specializes in public spaces — its architects have worked on Jubilee Gardens in London, Governors Island in New York and Yongsan Park in Seoul; among its projects in Russia there are Tverskaya Street improvement in Moscow and ‘New Holland’ park in Saint Petersburg. West 8 is the designer (in collaboration with Strelka KB) for the Saratov Embankment and, besides that, consultant for local architectural teams. Since the beginning of 2017 central streets, pedestrian ring and embankments are being reconstructed.

During his lecture the principal and one of the founders of West 8 Adriaan Geuze will tell about the bureau’s experience in embankment reconstruction and will explain what is needed to create a great public space. Adriaan will also speak about the embankments as a city-on-the-river symbol and about contemporary landscape design, which harmonically includes nature elements in city environment.

The lecture will be held in English in 'Pioneer' center within Strelka Institute's week in Saratov.