Monday 17.04.17, 20:00
Responsible business: How to earn and make your city a better place (Strelka Institute Week)

What socially responsible business is and how to develop a sustainable business model 






Strelka Institute Week





Entrepreneurship can be an effective way of changing a city. Successful business benefits not only its owner but all habitants — with development of entrepreneurship culture cities become more comfortable and appealing. Companies can use their resources to solve social problems; for example, the American platform LeadGenius delegates small routine work to outsource employees from developing countries, helping them to gain money and reduce company's expenses.

Design strategist and social entrepreneur Matthew Manos developed an innovative methodology, which helps companies to choose an appropriate business model. His own design agency verynice completes 50% of all projects pro bono without any financial loses (some the agency’s clients are UNICEF, NASA, MTV and Google). In the lecture Matthew will explain how an appropriately chosen business model helps entrepreneurs earn money and why it is profitable to work with social initiatives.

Matthew Manos is a business model instructor in General Assembly and ArtCenter Design College in Pasadena, expert of the Vector online-school course 'Financial Literacy For Entrepreneurs’.

The lecture will be held in English in 'Pioneer' center within Strelka Institute's week in Saratov in partnership with the US Embassy in Russia.