Thursday 13.07.17, 20:00
Andrei Konchalovsky: Conversation in the film language (Lectures)

The director will talk about the way ‘words’ in cinematic language are chosen and why the research in art is always personal 











The only significant subject of the research in art the people themselves, because there is nothing more contradictory, and therefore — more interesting than human nature. New conflicts entail new questions — and the creative research continues. Director Andrei Konchalovsky will discourse at his lecture on the creative research and why a person has no other object of love than another person. Art is sometimes forced to answer questions that are ambiguous — freedom or talent? Deficiency or abundance? Andrei Konchalovsky will talk about the contradictory and conflicting aspects of life and about their definitions in cinematic language.

Andrei Konchalovsky is the film and theater director, screenwriter, member of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences and the president of the Nika Film Academy. His movies have received prizes at the film festivals in Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Karlovy Vary and San Sebastian, in particular the tv-show ‘Odyssey’ received an Emmy and the last award to date — the Peace Prize ‘The Bridge’ — Konchalovsky received for the movie ‘Paradise’, that was also included in the short list of Oscar.

The event is supported by the Bank NFC (JSC), Russian Railways and the Russian Union of Youth.