Friday 08.09.17, 20:00
The Power of Typography: How Text Controls Our Impressions (Lectures)

Noel Leu, a master of laconic, high quality Swiss design, will explain how we judge books by their covers and signs by their fonts 










English with simultaneous translation into Russian

With the help of graphic design, you can not only add new meanings to a message, but also drastically change the impression the viewer gets, even just through the design of lettering. How does font selection change the perception of a message? Why is the surrounding context always important for typography? Noel Leu, a co-founder of the Swiss type foundry Grilli Type, will speak about the place of typography in visual communication and the search for inspiration on city streets, and will share some examples from his design practice.

Noel Leu is a Swiss graphic designer and co-founder of the type foundry Grilli Type, as well as the independent publishing house Edition Grilli. Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry that offers original retail and custom typefaces. They are famous for high quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition. This tradition is reflected in both the visual and technical standards of their fonts and service. Leu is a nominee and winner of numerous design awards, including the Swiss Federal Design Award, ADC Young Guns Award.