Thursday 30.08.18, 11:00
Data security of digital economy (Conferences)

How do you build a secure system for protection against cyberattacks? And what should you do if a data leak occurs? How did the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation affect personal data protection? What other initiatives will rally to users’ defense? 










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

On the last day of the conference, experts will focus on the Data Economy Russia 2024 state program, “Data Security,” and will use examples of specific infrastructure projects implemented in Russian companies and in government agencies to explore the key issues pertaining to data protection. Moreover, the discussions that take place during the conference will be recapped, and key solutions regarding an accelerated shift from initiatives and roadmaps to the full digital transformation of Russia by 2024 will be set forward.


The increase of the level of digitalization is inevitably accompanied by the emergence of new cyber threats. At the same time, we still can’t tell exactly how information systems and information security technologies that go beyond cryptography actually work; there is no classifier for types of vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, public authorities and business communities must introduce advanced technologies to prevent threats. The modern digital world requires companies to take information and security systems very seriously, and governments must develop rules and regulations to ensure the security of commercial information and the privacy of users' personal data, in the face of uncertainty. What are the key principles of building a secure information space while moving towards the digital economy?

Participants of the discussion:

  • Dmitry Samartsev, General Director, Safe Information Zone Ltd. (BI.ZONE)
  • Maria Voronova, Consulting Director, InfoWatch Group of Companies
  • Yuri Namestnikov, Head of the Russian research center, Kaspersky Lab
  • Vasily Lukinikh, Head of Strategic Development, Rostelecom-Solar
  • Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT)
  • Eduard Fosch Villaronga, Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Center (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
  • Marco Gercke, Director, Cybercrime Research Institute
  • Moderator of the discussion – Ivor Crotty, Deputy Director for Innovation, RT

  • Key discussion topics:
  • Ensuring data security based on Russian technologies
  • What should we protect and from whom?
  • The most relevant cyber threats: stopped or prevented?
  • What good will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) bring in terms of personal data security? What will our European colleagues require from us?
  • Anti-crisis management: How to deal with data leakage
    1. Intellectual Property and Information Technology

  • The conference is held within the framework of the support of Data Economy Russia 2024 state program and is part of Binary District x Strelka summer program. The programme involves a series of educational events about digital technologies and innovations, featuring international business owners and scientists, as well as civil and political leaders.

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