Wednesday 05.09.18, 19:30
Center festival opening night. After Leto (Screenings)

A premiere of the documentary sketch by Serebrennikov featuring Natalia Naumenko, Artemy Troitsky, Seva Novgorodtsev and other members of a Soviet musical underground talking about rocker’s lifestyle 













Serebrennikov’s ‘Leto’ deals with the Russian rock myth and its gods blurring the line between the historical accuracy and the images of those heroes. The needed clarity is provided by interviews with real witnesses of that era carefully captured by the director while working on the feature film. Among the participants are Mike Naumenko’s friends and relatives and his wife Natalia Naumenko, who rarely talks publicly, especially in such an honest and free way. On the set of ‘Leto’ Aleksandr Kuznetsov, who portrayed Skeptic in the film, talks with Artemy Troitsky, Igor Petrovsky, Seva Novgorodsev and Andrey Tropillo about Russian rock, the 80’s, Soviet youth, Leningrad community and the spirit of that time.

‘After Leto’ is not only an epigraph to Serebrennikov’s film and an amusing evidence of the depicted era but also a reflection on the energy of youth, freedom and restrictions and on what really happened and what did not. This film is a true dialogue between two generations: those who would copy Bowie and T.Rex lyrics and those who are not familiar with deficit and the art of lighting matches on a windy day.

Russia, 2018, Director Kirill Serebrennikov, 53 minutes, 16+

Reception at 7:30 pm. We recommend arriving early for the best available seating. Screening begins at 8:30 pm.

After the Russian premiere at Strelka Institute the film will be released in cinemas around Russia on September 6 under the brand of Documentary Film Center.

The screening opens Center Festival — an annual documentary film festival about urban culture and contemporary society organized by Documentary Film Center and the Museum of Moscow. The festival program includes Russian premiers of outstanding documentaries that explore issues related to urban and social life.