Monday 17.06.19, 19:00
Augmented Intelligence: Daily Routines in the Mirror World (Lectures)

If we want to get to 2030, is it time to switch to microalgae in our diets, 3D-print our tables and chairs and get used to co-living?  










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

Vertical hydroponic indoor farms, bioreactors for algae production, offices and healthcare on wheels, decentralised digital fabrication... all this could sooner or later become a reality. At least those are the concepts that experts of design-research lab SPACE10 tend to elaborate. Their projects investigate the daily human routines of tomorrow, some of which have already become part of their team’s life; for example, they turned their office’s basement into a farm for a few months in order to grow products including vegetables, microalgae, writing a book of recipes for the nearest future in the process.

SPACE10’s projects involve architects, developers, scientists and even food designers from all around the world. During his talk on June 17th, SPACE10 creative director Bas van de Poel will describe in more detail the lab’s speculative methods, and explain what opportunities AR, AI and Machine Learning is opening for us. He’ll also explain what augmented intelligence is and what kind of world we are living in as greater parts of our infrastructure become digitized.

Bas van de Poel is a creative director of the SPACE10 research and design-lab. Employees of the lab develop innovative solutions to social problems including Clean Energy Future and Sustainable and Affordable Homes. In 2016, SPACE10 launched a salad bar which was provided with the products grown with the help of hydroponic farm developed by SPACE10 in their own basement.

The lecture will be held in English, with simultaneous translation into Russian. For accreditation contact