Monday 09.09.19, 10:00
On doing nothing: Politics of inaction (Reading Group)

Reading group with Greek architect Aristide Antonas  






Reading Group





The aim of this reading process is to articulate the participants position in relation to a description of the social sphere today. Sociality in the frame of the workshop could be represented as the result of intense planetary urbanization which is still occurring globally through the constitution of a networked sphere.

The evolution of ‘modern domesticity’ in architecture is related to a growing culture of idleness. This idleness is in its turn proposed by a parallel culture of participation in readymade protocols or routines that propose constructed durations to be undertaken by users of an ever changing infrastructure.

The proposed readings which intend to see the political side of laziness are based on Carl Schmitt’s “The Concept of the political” and Kazimir Malevich “Laziness as the Truth of Mankind” with some necessary stops in fragments from Lafargues, Nietzsche, Shklovsky, Heidegger, Rousseau, Derrida, Agamben and Deleuze.

Aristide Antonas is a Greek architect, writer, visual artist. His principal topics of interest are “protocols as architecture”, “infrastructure of the domestic sphere”, “stability from the exaggeration of data flow”. Antonas holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Paris Nanterre University. He is currently a professor for Design in the Architectural Association in London. He participated in “documenta 14” and has had three institutional solo exhibitions on his recent production at the Swiss Architecture Museum, the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut in Austria and the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France.

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