Strelka’s education model intentionally doesn’t include any permanent teaching faculty, but rather operates by inviting relevant visiting faculty and experts according to the selected and curated year-by-year education theme. For this reason, we rely on a vast network of internationally recognized experts, both from academic and practicing backgrounds, from fields ranging from architecture, urbanism, film, philosophy and theory, anthropology, history, business, strategy, art and activism. This format and “think-tank” structure allows us to include a wide range of research perspectives, and allows us to focus their input at key strategic moments during the programme. This structure also allows us to curate the programme in successive design charrettes, technical workshops and research field-trips supported by the most relevant faculty and staff, rather than a conventional cyclical weekly academic schedule.

Experts from top universities, architecture and design offices and companies, such as AMO, MIT, Yale University, Princeton University, The Why Factory, the ‘Meganom’ Bureau, Alexander Brodsky, Hyper Island, Archdaily and many others have taught, given lectures and consulted students at Strelka.