Christopher Burman

Alumnus 2017/18
Christopher Burman is an urban technologist and artist. After participating in the New Normal he joined Strelka KB as Director of Digital Strategy to develop new digital tools for and with cities. He is also co-founder of Heat Island, a design studio focused on urban futures and decarbonization. In 2019, Heat Island were awarded second place in the global RICS "Cities For Our Future" competition for their work on alternative air-conditioning systems. In his art practice he uses installation, software, and audio to build perceptual experiments exploring the neurophysiological and sensory implications of living within digital networks, which have been exhibited internationally including MANIFESTA12, Palermo, KW Institute, Berlin, and Jupiter Woods, London.
2005 - 2008
the bartlett / university college london
Work Experience
2014 - 2017
the white review
Digital Design + Development
2011 - 2013
spector / fiction records
Musician / Guitarist / Song-writer / Designer
2010 - 2017
Designer, Developer
2009 - 2011
pachube (now xively)
Strategy / App Design, Software Development / Community Engagement
2008 - 2011
haque design + research (now umbrellium)
Developer / Designer / Researcher