Evgenia Vanyukova

Alumnus 2018/19
Evgenia Vanyukova holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Manchester and a Master degree in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance from the International University College of Turin. She has wide experience in public administration and public-private partnership and expertise in managing infrastructure and urban development projects. Her research interests lie in the field of urbanism, sustainable development, and strategic planning. She is also interested in cross-border resources management and algorithmic governance.
international university college of turin
Comparative Law, Economics and Finance
2012 - 2014
university of manchester / the moscow school of social and economic sciences
Comparative and Private International Law
2004 - 2009
the academy of labour and social relations
Wold Economy and International Finances
2007 - 2008
the academy of labour and social relations
Translation, English Language
Work Experience
2017 - 2018
smolensk region government
Deputy Head of Representative Office under the Government of the Russian Federation
Independent investment consultant
2009 - 2014
ivis international
Deputy General Director