Jariyaporn Prachasartta

Alumnus 2016/17
Jariyaporn Prachasartta is an architect, designer, and researcher with an interest in examining the shifting boundaries of design and architecture as an infrastructure of connectivity. Through interdisciplinary design methodologies, her interests span across scales and temporalities exploring the roles that design, architecture, and urban networks can play in the making of societies and how they alter through time as cultures evolve. To redefine the way spaces –physical or virtual – work in contemporary urban ecology, she sees design intervention as a strategic process for shaping the relationship between multiple players; human and non-human agents, physical and non-physical infrastructure, visible and invisible forces and their interconnected economic, socio-political, and technological framework. She values design not just as a form of cultural production, but also a political instrument to connect the agency of users to administrative regulations and market forces in order to foster the evolution of a more heterogeneous urbanism.
2010 – 2014
chulalongkorn university
Architectural Design
Work Experience
2015 – 2016
space popular
Lead Designer
2014 – 2016
chulalongkorn university
Teaching Assistant