Jelena Viskovic

Alumnus 2016/17
Jelena Viskovic is an artist who works with storytelling and world-building. She develops web-based, mobile applications and works with video game engines to build new types of social research tools, virtual worlds, and social organizational platforms. Her collaborative projects ReUnion, Patternist, and Rromok have been commissioned by the V & A (UK), Rhizome (US), The New Institute (NL) and Academie Schloss Solitude (DE). Her game “Nirgendheim” uses a narrative framework to allow architectural structures and game mechanics to provide alternative ways of interacting with opaque technological systems of control. She is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art (UK) and the Architectural Association School of Architecture (UK).
2014 – 2016
royal college of art
Design Interactions
2010 – 2013
moholy-nagy university of art and design
Work Experience
nsynk gesellschaft für kunst und technik