Ondrej Janku

Alumnus 2012/13
Another Place
Ondrej Janku completed his bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Plymouth University School of Architecture, Design and Environment. He then worked for B.I.G. architects on mixed-use development projects in Copenhagen and Athens, urban planning in Baku and a competition-winning design for the Tallinn Town Hall. Ondrej pursued a master’s of architecture at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design (AAAD) in Prague, focusing on the relationship between administrative and topographic borders. After graduation from AAAD, he participated in an exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery before accepting a position at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, where his projects included high-end villas in Lugano, the Orientalist Museum in Doha and a competition-winning design for a children’s hospital in Zurich.
strelka institute
plymouth university school of architecture
academy of arts, architecture and design
Work Experience
architect bureau «b.i.g.»
architect bureau herzog & de meuron